Silvia Champion

I am an Austrian artist currently back in my home country after having lived in the UK for fourteen years. My multimedia projects often involve finding a space, reading it by spending time there, opening up dialogue with the community, intervening by being present and making something publicly in the space and finally, transforming the space into a place.

My presence and role as an artist are often crucial throughout the project. This means being in control of process and outcome as well as design of the intervention as a whole. I want to emphasise the role of dialogue and negotiation without collapsing the relationships between artist, participants and the audience into the work’s content. My work is not tied to the direct activation of the viewer or their literal participation but there is an overlapping of the social and the aesthetic aspects of the project.

I am interested in the fine line between art and life. I find ways to articulate an artistic perspective of real life situations from the present and the past such as building a house, learning a language or translating the social history of a building. I listen and respond by setting up situations that can involve performance, language, objects, sound and video.

I carry out my research in an open and fluid way building on the practice of artists, architects and thinkers as diverse as Ann Hamilton, Thomas Hirschhorn, Yi-Fu Tuan, Michel de Certeau, Gaston Bachelard, Claire Bishop, Doreen Massey, David Bohm and David Adjaye.

book on the fly, 2014, The Tetley, Leeds, UK

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